About Us

Welcome to Radha Gem Testing Laboratory

Radha Gems is a leading firm in the city of Jodhpur in the Cubic Zirconia and synthetic stones market. Established in the year of 1994 as Shanti Gems, we have 24+ years of immense market experience. Radha Gems branched out in Jodhpur in 2005 to better focus on local customers and it did just that. Learning about the market potential, we have since grown to import CZs directly and establishing the first-ever Gem Testing Laboratory in Jodhpur.

RGTL (Radha Gem Testing Laboratory) is an international standard laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art gem testing equipments and best possible technologies made available from domestic and international markets.

Why Us?

RGTL is an independent gemological laboratory established to provide advanced gemological services for personal and business purposes. With the help of latest technology and continuous research, we pay close attention to the every single detail of the gemstone and make sure that the report that reaches the client is accurate, comprehensive and unbiased.

RGTL follows GIA’s standards of diamond grading and colored gemstone testing. We aim for excellence and customer satisfaction is always our priority.