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RGTL Laboratory Reports

Gemstone Certification

RGTL is acknowledged as the most accurate gemstone authenticator in the city of Jodhpur. We offer services to wholesalers, retailers/traders and varied clients/customers. Our in-depth knowledge about the gems allows us to offer best possible information consisting of attributes like: Weight, Measurements, Color, Transparency, Shape and Cutting style(s).

Also complex & detailed attributes like: Polarity (Optic Character and Optic Figure), Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Hardness, Magnification Details, Species, and finally the Conclusion (including synthesis and treatments analysis) with the Hindi Name of the stone as well. We work in the best interest of our clients and for the love of gems that we nurture.

Diamond Certification

RGTL is reputed for offering valuable services of Diamond Certification. Our unbiased reports remove all prejudiced discrimination that surfaces at the sale or purchase of diamonds. Our certificates are equipped with wide-ranging information consisting of attributes like: Weight, Measurements, Shape and Cutting style(s).

Also complex & detailed attributes like:

Color Grade (D to Z and Z+)
Clarity Grade (Fl, IF, VVS… to I3)
Cut Grade (decided on the basis of Table Size, Crown Height and Angle, Girdle Thickness, Pavillion Depth and Angle, and Total Depth of that particular diamond)
Polish Grade (Keeping in mind at least eight types of polishing defects)
Symmetry Analysis (Considering at least seventeen types of symmetrical defects that arises while polishing of that particular diamond)

We also look for other important characteristics like Fluorescence, Magnification Details, and the Conclusion. You are at the right place if you would like to assess the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) of the diamonds to better understand its value.

Jewelry Certification

RGTL is equipped with advanced machinery and skilled personnel to grade diamonds and gemstones studded in jewelry. This service is useful to our clients who want to authenticate/certify jewelry without having to dismantle it. This could result in all parties being more confident in any jewelry transaction.

If requested, our certificates can be made available online and can be accessed using the Unique Certificate Number issued by the lab on the physical copy.